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Space Management for AIX 5L filesystems using IBM Tivoli Storage Mgr V5.3

Special Note

This 3 day course is taught in the English or Dutch.


System Administrators, Technical Consultants, Technical Support Engineers

Skills Taught

Students learn how to

  • Install IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Space Management on AIX
  • Create and manage space management filesystems
  • Configure parameters for automatic migration and recall
  • Use manual migration and recall
  • Use space management utilities
  • protect space managed filesystems with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager


Students ideally would have followed the following courses:

  • AIX 5L System Administration 1: Implementation;
  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V5.3 Implementation

Or have equivalent skills to:

  • execute basic AIX/Unix commands;
  • Install software on AIX 5L operating system;
  • login to ITSM 5.3 server using the ISC console or command line;
  • understand the basiscs of ITSM Storage Pools, Policies and Client functions
  • create ITSM storage pools, management classes and nodes.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V5.3
  • Storage Pool Management
  • Media Devices
  • Space Management Introduction
  • IBM General Parallel Filesystem (GPFS) overview
  • Space Management installation
  • Space managed filesystems management
  • Migration and Recall
  • Space Management utilities
  • Protection of space managed filesystems

Date, Time, Location

This course is scheduled upon request at customer location or a location near you.


Price is for 3 day course, per student, in public class.Special pricing exists for closed classed at customer requested sites.


TRDC Corporation
919 Fair Oaks Ave
91030 CA, South Pasadena

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